Getting Divorced Without Losing Your Mind by Corey Shapiro

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Getting Divorced Without Losing Your Mind by Corey Shapiro

Getting Divorced
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"A friendly and easy-to-read introduction to the divorce process and how to avoid many of its pitfalls." - Bill Eddy, lead author of Splitting: Protecting Yourself While Divorcing Someone with Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder

"If you decide to litigate this is an invaluable resource." - Gary Friedman, author of Inside Out: How Conflict Professionals Can Use Self-Reflection to Help Their Clients

Play Hardball by Holding Tight to Your Cool, Clear Sanity!

The most powerful opponent in your divorce isn’t your ex or the legal team on the other side. It’s your strong emotions that cause bad thinking and bad actions.

Your emotions will run hot in your divorce, and when you let them take over, they’re likely to keep you from getting what you need to build a satisfying new life for yourself and your children.

The great news is that you can regain control and calmly reach a better outcome than you thought was possible—without burning through money, time, and sanity in scorched-earth maneuvers that don’t come close to achieving your most important goals.

Corey Shapiro, a divorce attorney, private judge, and divorce strategist, guides you through five steps to gain the decisive advantage that comes from being able to think clearly, calmly, and strategically about your divorce.

In this eBook, learn to:
• Get your bearings when your spouse is more interested in conflict than resolution.
• Figure out what you need and what’s important to you.
• Pace yourself for a long war and stay hopeful under fire.
• Control the way you spend your divorce budget—your time, energy, money, and emotions.
• Understand attorneys’ tactics and how to respond to them.

Divorce is one of the most high-pressure situations you’ll face in your life, especially if the level of conflict is high. Triggered, you’ll say things you don’t mean and make impulsive decisions you’ll later regret. Getting A Divorce Without Losing Your Mind provides both emotional perspective and the divorce tactics you need to empower you through the process.

Corey Shapiro Divorce Strategist

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